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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Prefer the Movie.

I have noticed a fundamental flaw in the practices of modern medicine... It appears that an awful lot (not all) of doctors don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not going to say they're all a bunch of navel-gazing fools or anything, it's just that they collect data with the collective effort of a herd of indifferent teenagers. If not a lot is known about a disorder or disease, then when they suspect someone is suffering from said disorder/disease you would THINK that they would want to gather as much information as possible to benefit the entire medical community... Sort of like a wiki-medicine thing. I know they have professional journals and articles, but every single data point would contribute to the research, surely?

So I've been suffering from constant dizziness with bouts of vomit-inducing vertigo (said bouts are few and far between, thankfully) coupled with a sense of "fullness" and occasional tinnitus in my ears for about four months now. My ENT THINKS it's Meniere's disease, which is as useful as telling someone with tummy issues that they have "irritable bowel syndrome". They both fall into the category of "we don't know what the hell it is, we have no way to test for it definitively, so we'll lump it into a nebulous category, with is own name, tell you its incurable, but following this diet, doing this, not doing that, and standing on your head at dawn with a chicken in your underpants MAY alleviate some of the symptoms. And may not." I affectionately refer to these as "bullshit diagnoses". So being told I have an incurable disease which MAY come and go, MAY be constant, MAY result in deafness, MAY be treated with months and months of physical therapy kinda annoyed me. If modern medicine was going to be useless, I decided to go alternative. While there's no way on Earth I could tolerate some hippie woman with long hair waving crystals over my head, I was willing to give chiropractic treatment a go. I could see how it would possibly be scientifically based.

Luckily (?) my dance instructor had identical symptoms and was "cured" by said chiropractor, so I've got my fingers crossed that he'll do the same for me.

Wish me luck!

News of the Batty

In reading this article, I began with: "oh... Silly old bat. Packing terrapins in her suitcase."
Then my thoughts went: "Huh! All the way from China. Poor things."
Then I thought: "Don't they have those in Britain?"
Then I read the bit where they confirm you can get them from Britain, but the piece de resistance lies in the line that reads "'Apparently she paid around £300 each for them as a gift to her niece.'"

What. The. Fuck. I must meet this woman and sell her some gerbils for a hundred quid each. What the... Did they pitch the turtles as rare? Special? Freaking magical? I don't get it.

Monday, May 02, 2011

No Virgins for You.

The more I think about the whole 72 virgins thing, the more I get pissed off. To save time, I'll just bullet my rants.

  • Reward for mass killings of innocent people? What a sick concept.
  • What a way to objectify women or even girls (since I don't think the age is specified) by offering them up as prizes to be won and taken, with or without their consent. Religions never really work out well for women, do they?
  • Why is doing something that is considered "sinful" on Earth suddenly a reward in heaven? What does that say about heaven? Or their values?