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Friday, April 08, 2011

The Creation of a Pin-Up

I was dismayed to see how, even then, women were just never thin enough to be considered sexy material, but "20 Classic Pin-Up Girls Before and After" was still very entertaining to peruse. I do love the whole pin-up/burlesque/Betty Page look, even though it's become rather trite with the whole Rockabilly/Hot Topic/Goth/tattooed crowds taking the look on. There's a reason so many people find it enticing, so I won't begrudge them all this shared fascination.

I've just realized that while I have thigh-high stockings, I don't own any suspenders... Must change that.

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Phiilippines said...

From the picture? I could only be reminded of Marilyn Monroe... A little weird but... that's how I see it.