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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Need of Chocolate and Sunshine

Rather a lot can happen in a short period of time. Not the least of which are:

One of my current students has gone back to juvenile detention for being involved with yet another stolen car.
One of my ex-students was shot and survived. Hopefully he will have seen the light and will quit dealing drugs and beating up others. A current told me he was fairly certain the kid has killed and got away with it, but that's just coming from him.
Another of my ex-students shot and killed someone.
I got my master's course finished and was feeling quite happy and proud of myself until I immediately found out that another of my ex-students was shot dead. My moment of joy lasted long enough for me to skip and grin on my way to my car until I pulled my phone out and checked my e-mail. That'll teach me.
Another of my current students was shot and survived one week later.

I'm obviously the common factor here, so perhaps I should seek employment in another industry...

If a certain senate bill leads to merit pay, I am fairly confident I'm going to have to learn to strip without tripping over my own underwear to start paying bills. And quite frankly, given my bosses, if we were to base my pay on evaluations, I'd be in trouble too. Of course there's room for improvement in my instructional methods, otherwise I'd be making a shitload of money with some book, but they seem to be under the mistaken belief that the only reason students misbehave is because mean nasty teachers either provoke them, don't know how to develop a rapport with them, or else have lessons that simply aren't engaging. I beg to argue that another possibility is that they are frightened for their fucking lives every time they go home and to let off steam, they just want to be silly little kids in an environment where they won't get hit/killed for it. They're forced to grow up too damn quickly, so when they come to my room and know I will always do everything for them, no matter how shitty they act, they push the limits to see how much I care. Others fail to see the importance of implementing the Pythagorean theorem and so would much rather text their friends or gossip about the fight they just witnessed in the cafeteria.


I'm trying to keep positive, so I gave to Japan, logged onto Freerice a few times more than usual, and I gave my Gay-Straight Alliance kids the materials to make a huge card for our fallen friend who is recovering in hospital right now. I didn't know quite what to say in a card to someone who had survived a shooting. Hallmark may have a niche to fill there.


magpie said...

Well the best selling books are about crime (actually they are the only books that sell)
I reckon you've got at least 3 books in this post alone ☺☺☺

calencoriel said...

Things have been incredibly bleak as of late...hence the constant stream of sarcasm on outlook.

I know I'm very much looking forward to a break...and don't plan to open outlook the entire time I'm gone so I can finish out the year, of course.

Hang in there - you're too important to some of us and always remember - we'll outlast this admin just like we'll outlast the next. We teach...we stay put.