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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Cairo (and the rest of Masri)

Okay, so it's a little odd to address a country that currently doesn't have Internet access due to the orders from the non-dictator Mubarak, and even if it did, I doubt any would come rushing to my near stagnant blog... But still...
I am so very proud of the very brave souls who are willing to fight to break free from the oppression and despicable violence that has hung over all of their heads for far too long. Sandmonkey does a great job of recording some of the MANY atrocities of the Egyptian government/police against its own citizenry.
Credit for photo: "Lefteris Pitarakis / AP - An Egyptian anti-government activist kisses a riot police officer following clashes in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

If a man truly cared for his country over his own selfish, egotistical, megalomaniac tendencies, he would step down the minute he heard his own people were knowingly risking their very lives to simply see him gone... Wouldn't he? But don't worry. He's not a dictator. He may be a fucking dick, but he's not a dictator. Maybe THAT's what Biden meant... Idiot.
Now I can only hope for a secular government to replace him, because... Well, let's be honest... Religious governments don't end up much better, do they? And for pity's sake don't... Go... Communist. Really. Orwell was a smart fellow and knew what he was talking about.
If the people vote for an Isalmic government, so be it, as I believe in the power of election and the will of the people... But seriously. It doesn't go well. Go secular.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why I'm an Atheist and Why Perhaps You Shouldn't Be...

In the brief discussions I've had with two fellow Atheists at work, I've devoted a little more thought on the topic than I usually do... I started thinking about how or why I became one. One of said friends mentioned how his girlfriend had dabbled with the idea of becoming one when some horrendous traumas had barged rudely into her life, but she remains a Catholic today.

It occurred to me just how wrong that turns of events was. If you embrace an ideology, it's because you believe wholeheartedly that it is true, and not because the alternative is too horrible or painful to accept. Also, the entire basis of Atheism is on logic, and science (bear with me, religious people. I don't mean to imply your religion does not embrace those two concepts, but that they are not high on the list of descriptors when it comes to other priorities such as "love", "forgiveness", etc.) and so to run to it out of passion seems entirely contradictory.

People have so many misconceptions about Atheists too. I do have a set of moral beliefs, I just gathered them from various cultures and individuals and made them my own, and frequently question them or examine them through the eyes of a devil's advocate (no pun intended). My moral compass lies in me and not in a book. I am also not to be confused with a nihilist or a depressed person. Just because I believe your life ends with your last breath does not mean that I believe you should live your life with any less joy, hope, or compassion for the rest of the world. It also doesn't mean that I view the existence of the universe as something mundane and lacking true beauty. On the contrary, I think the complexity of evolution and the perseverance of life to simply be and progress is awe-inspiring to an extreme. I find that to be far more impressive than the idea of some bloke with a white beard "poofing" everything into being with a simple click of his fingers. That's far too easy and it over-simplifies the complex balance of life's industriousness and sheer serendipity of each organism to survive to reproduce the next.

On the other hand, I may be entirely wrong and this may be what's in store for me:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Posting This While Darling Husband Tends to the Crazed Offspring...

Is it just me? Am I the only person I know with kids so hyper, I can't get a damn thing done when I'm at home? I try to cook, one of them throws herself off the sofa. I try to do college work, one of them is hanging off my leg, wailing. I try to get WORK work done, and I have similar results. I try to feed the pets, the one year old is "helpfully" digging cat poos out of the kitty litter, catapulting (no pun intended) kitty litter pellets all over the place. I try exercising and the floor workouts just invite them to sit on me or else try to imitate me, falling on top of me in the process. I try to clean, and they decide the best toy in the world are my vaguely toxic cleaning supplies. Neither of them sat in high chairs for more than a few minutes, neither sat in a play pen without whining to be picked up again within two minutes (tops), and yet somehow I have friends who are also mothers who still cook, get to clean their houses, and have social lives. Okay, I didn't have the social life prior to having kids, so I don't know why I'm fooling myself I can regain something I never had...

Holy shit. I just realized I'd buttoned my pajamas all wrong... That comes from my rushing to get dressed with my one year old screaming at my legs.

Does our daycare give my kids crack as retaliation from some mysterious offence I have caused them?

Actually, my kids are pretty damned amazing. As long as they have my completely undivided attention... Otherwise I'm THIS close to getting the full Home Alone criminal treatment. I guess I'll just enjoy this time while they still want "mommy" around, eh?

On a side note, Ricky Gervais is as awesome as ever. He has made it to my unlikely celebrity shag list.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sex Wedge?

So my husband got us a Liberator wedge and ramp combo(links not safe for work) to mess about with. While very exciting, I couldn't help but think "man, I wish I'd come up with the idea of selling people wedge shapes, declaring them to being a great addition to their sex lives". I guess there's very little one could come up with that one couldn't pitch as a sex toy in some way... Okay, don't bother listing examples where that would be totally gross or illegal, but you know what I mean. A regular pillow? Sex prop. A ladder? Sex prop. A sock? Sex prop. A small ornament depicting Marie Curie receiving the first Nobel prize awarded to any woman? You bet some bugger out there would eye that up with a tingling in his/her knickers.

I need to think of something and make loads of money off of it. What a great conversation starter that would be at parties when someone would ask what you do for a living...