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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah, Parenthood...

At times parenting brings to mind imagery of Ancient Roman society... Occasional random nudity, belching, only not quite as much violence... Being at home with my little ones for the "winter break" is an absolute delight, despite this horrendous flu I STILL haven't overcome yet. I can't help feeling quite lucky, though, especially when the leak we feared would result in our house being torn apart to discover the source of the problem, ended up being a really simple fix with a handyman I might actually trust enough to hire again for future repairs we've been ignoring.

What has been a little unsettling, though, about my time at home is the sheer number of times my kids scare the absolute living hell out of me.

My 20 month old absolutely refuses to sit in her high chair anymore, and must sit alongside her 4 year old sister at the dining room table. That brings with it all sorts of fun times with trying to prevent her from pulling off the table cloth, falling off her chair, spilling her sister's drink, dropping her food to the floor more easily as this table has no lip... Any instance which requires me to look away from them for any second of time brings with it unlimited opportunities for them to damage our things or themselves and produce yet more gray hairs on my head. The sofa, once a safe haven for my lazy ass, is now a site of death-defying feats for both of them as they launch themselves from it... I suppose in the express hope of their bashing their heads on the coffee table, the sideboard, or even a passing pet.

The only reason I can type this right now without fear of having to drive anyone to the emergency room is that my four year old is at my knee watching an old Disney movie and my toddler is napping... Either that or she has sneaked out her bedroom window and is about to make a surprise appearance at my own window before attempting to do a double back flip into the hot tub below.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely holiday too, with fewer heart attacks... May the next year bring you stories to tell for years to come!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sorry I have no time to post anymore. Not long now before I'm done with my masters, free time which will no doubt be filled with many other things along with the occasional blog post too... I find that the things in my life tend to expand to fill any space provided, no matter the size. That's what she said.

Enjoy the video above. I had seen it a while ago and forgotten about it until now. I really envy people who have not only the talent, but the time to do something like that.