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Saturday, November 06, 2010

You Say Sweater Puppies, I Say Blouse Bunnies.

Image: Selma Hayek and her fantastic knockers.

Biology always offers a wealth of quotes to illustrate the mindset of the young adults we endeavor to educate. Last week, the biology teacher went into a brief side discussion about the effect of hormones on human males and females. He explained how menopause may cause some older women to have excessive facial hair and went on to bring up the serious matter of "moobs".

BioTeacher: ... So if men take steroids then stop taking them suddenly, their hormones get thrown off and their oestrogen levels may be temporarily quite high and cause men to grow...

Here he made the grave mistake of hesitating, gesturing vaguely at his chest and looking generally quite awkward. To me, that was just cute. To the class, it was the ideal opportunity to offer up the missing term.

"Helpful"Student: Tits.

BioTeacher: Hey now...

"Helpful"Student: Titties. Boobs. Boobs. I said boobs.

BioTeacher: Okay, that's a little better...

Another"Helpful"Student: Funbags.

YetAnother"Helpful"Student: Yabbos.

BioTeacher: Okay. Tha...

CreativeStudent: Sugar Licks.

BioTeacher: OKAY. Thank you. We get the picture.

I tried so hard to hide behind my hair so the kids wouldn't see I was tearing up with laughter. I think I failed.

Sugar Licks. Heh.


Bdubba said...

Very nice. Boy, I miss teaching bio.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I just used one of those darling nicknames in a conversation the other day.

magpie said...

Nice one, oops, I mean pair ☺☺☺

Gr8 Puppies pic ☺

TeacherLady's Husband said...

Blouse Clowns! B-B-B-B-Brooke Burke...

TeacherLady said...

Bdubba, do you... Do you REALLY...?

Halasaleh1, many a time have I had a conversation with friends about nicknames attributed to male and female anatomy, although I'm not particularly partial to some of the more gross ones...

Magpie, always happy to oblige. Not personally, of course.

Darling, HAHA! Love Phil Hendrie. I chose Selma Hayek since you once said I looked a little like her. You were completely off the mark, but it was still very sweet to say.

Bdubba said...

Yes, I miss bio. Always been my fave. Chem is 'aight. Something to be said for fielding body related questions especially when covering meiosis stuff.

Miss my PHS peeps too. :/

wv: jillymal - no definition but think this ought to be a real word. Too fun to say not to be one!

humble simpleton said...

Salma Hayek = safe little grove
There's a word 'háj' in Czech language, meaning 'grove'. (that funny thing above 'a' indicates that it is pronounced long 'á' = 'aaa'; 'j' is pronounced as english 'y')
Diminutive form of this word is 'hájek' - little grove. Although it is not a frequent word, it is indeed a frequent surname, yellow pages.
Apparently, Salmita has some Czech ancestry. And as i just looked up, 'salma' is derived from arabic 'salima', meaning 'safe'. So we can conclude:
Salma Hayek = safe little grove

PS: She can boast having an indian name now. My favourite indian name: Smoked the peace pipe despite not being in the council of the elders :-)