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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Not a Question I Wanted to Hear...

My priority is to let my students know that there is no question they can't ask me, that they should never fear looking stupid because my goal is to always expand their learning and understanding of the world around them or the feeling and thoughts within them... But I really didn't want to be asked:

"Ms. TeacherLady... Is this a bed bug?"

She had bolted, without a word, from her history class and came straight to me. I felt kind of touched for one short moment before I saw the small brown bug crawling on her left sleeve and then I made damn sure to rush her across the hall to an equally horrified nurse.

I swear... If I bring bed bugs home from work, the school had better pay for the fumigation or at least the therapy I'd need from feeling the need to scratch all the damn time since I saw that blasted thing.


PHSChemGuy said...

I've been feeling the same icky feeling since Calen's neighbor upstairs found one a week or two ago.

Are your mattresses and box springs all wrapped in plastic?

calencoriel said...

They are so in the building this year it's incredible...according to the nurse they won't colonize in the school since there's nothing to eat when they eat...at night - since none of us sleep at school.

Check your bags EVERY day. Wash your sheets and mattress pad in hot water and go to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy the mattress/box spring set of protective covers.

They're in our kid's homes...we need to be vigilant in our own.