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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Does Everyone Have Their Pencils, Pens, Paper, and... Prophylactic?

So I now have the answer as to why a few of the custodians have been giving me rather generous grins lately. One of them approached me the other day and asked me if I knew that a custodian had found a box of condoms open and strewn across the floor in my classroom one night. (The box was open, not the individual condom wrappers)

I share the classroom with another teacher (a male one), but apparently it was a lot funnier to spread the joke around that they were mine. I don't think they're his, so I naturally assume the condoms belong to a student. This led to my realization that my room may be used after hours by some amorous teens. Which made me a little sick in my mouth... Then gave me the desire to Lysol my room... Then boil it... Then burn it down.

I often mutter the mantra "may I never walk in on students doing it" and hope I never find out what my reaction would be to discover two kids trying to do the nasty anywhere near me.

I shuddered just now. I'm not kidding. I think I'm going to get back to my grad school assignment before I vomit all over this nice keyboard.

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