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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Snaps

Clown fish at the Atlantis Hotel's Lost Chambers aquarium exhibit. (I love the "authentic" sunken, technologically-advanced looking city look they gave the whole exhibit. Very eerie.)

The view from our room.

Part of our hotel room (the attention to detail in the decor was astounding. I loved it.)

Lobby of the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Gelato in Dubai's Ibn Battuta Mall

Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

A sea star my daughter found in Swansea, Wales

My husband and daughter, Swansea, Wales

Swansea, Wales

Swansea, Wales

Dan-yr-Ogoff Show Caves' dinosaur park, Wales

A formation in one of the caves

My piggies above part of the Dubai Aquarium


PHSChemGuy said...

You take some nice snapshots...and nice vacations. Wowsers.

Though, when i go to visit the fam, I do get to travel to exotic places like Madison, IN; Carollton, KY; and the mecca that is Louisville, KY.

So take that...

TeacherLady said...

Yeah, I'm kinda spoiled when it comes to vacations. I just can't wait to really start roaming to places I've never been before when the kids are older. I want to eat my way across Italy.
Hey, if you ever want to go to Wales, my family's got a house there. When the girls are older, I'm going to drive around there like I used to with my uncle in days gone by. We've hit every castle, every quaint village we could, and more than a few friendly local pub/restaurants (obviously I didn't drink then, but I still loved the atmosphere of a friendly "local".) Fishguard, Hay-On-Wye, Cardiff, and Swansea are lovely.

Laura said...

Great pics & ramblings. Me too...love travel to get to know how otherppl live.