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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Summer Time, and the Living is Easy... Or Not...

So summer time has come around, and I'm doing my best to let work go, because there's enough waiting for me when I get back to make me apprehensive this whole summer long. I'll be taking on more responsibilities than ever before and I continue to be wary of my administrators. It feels sort of like being a member of the historic band on the Titanic... I can do my job, but that's worth fuck all if the whole place is collapsing around my ears! Anyway, I am still holding out some hope, so because there is a drive to move forward, and that's got to be better than lounging in the past.

So my job shifts from being a teacher to other people's kids to being a parent to my own, full time. It is surprisingly stressful to do this with a four year old and a one year old. Not only am I trying to forge lasting memories and taking every opportunity to expose my children to educational and caring experiences, but I'm also trying to prevent either of them from putting themselves into mortal danger. I find myself chanting bizarre mantras such as "NO nom-nom" (which means "don't eat that!" to my one year old), "Don't hang off of your sister's leg while I'm carrying her", "Just share it, you know she'll get bored of it within a minute", and "Don't moon your sister. She can't fight back, so it's just not fair". My nerves are frazzled with all of my daughters' attempts to thrust themselves into horrific circumstances. I no longer feel heroic diving to catch one of them as they fall, grabbing their hands before they get crunched by closing doors (the side with the hinges... Oh that makes me shudder), rushing towards a closed door when I know it's about to be opened by someone approaching from the other side...

Oh man. I'm feeling exhausted all over again just thinking about it all. I am ever so grateful for the monthly massage my husband has bought me for the year... I am going for one tomorrow and I hope the masseuse can get my shoulders to relax enough that they'll stop blocking my ears.


Pilkie Point for Your Perusal: "People who live in a glass house have to answer the door." True enough. There's no chance of your pretending you ain't home. Nor is there any chance of a private wank, so there you go.

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