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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No Pants Day and Flashing! Well, Flash Mobbing.

Get ready! It's No Pants Day this coming Friday. Wish I could participate, but I'd prefer to keep my job, thank you very much... The first I learned of collective lack of pants-wearing was through Improv Everywhere. What a fun concept. Flash mobs really warm my heart.

Behold Do-Re-Mi" in Belgium

Or Ohio State students

Mob Dancers in LA doing Hammer Time. I especially dig the older gentleman. And the pants.

I'm quite particular about what flash mob performances I enjoy. I don't like the ones that clearly made a performance space such that an audience was already starting to assemble before the dancing or singing has even begun. It should be a surprise, and a pleasant one. The better filming helps for those of us who aren't there to witness the reactions of the confused/delighted audience as well as getting a good view of the performers themselves. The choice of music is hugely important as well as the quality of thee choreography and dance. It should always start with one or two people, then amass to the point of rivaling Busby Berkeley musicals.

It'd be hilarious if a bunch of teachers in our building flash mobbed at school/a game/some sort of huge school event. I bet it would make the students' day. Now all I need are limber/spirited colleagues and boat loads of time I just haven't got...

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PHSChemGuy said...

The OSU one doesn't do it for me partially because of those reasons you mentioned. The music choice is a poor cover of a song I kind of enjoy, and the planning is made obvious with Brutus and the old dude (I'm assuming he's the OSU pres) at the end. It's a little too forced an advertisement for the university.

I prefer the mob to form slowly - like you mentioned - build to a peak, and then simply drift away at the end rather than pose like the OSU one.

The Belgian one is outstanding, though. Good call there.

And the Hammer Time is amazingly well done. Quick hitters and out. No logic, no explanation.

There are a couple of middling efforts from Cincy...the problem is that there isn't a real crowd when they were filmed, so it's less impressive...



And they effectively tried to do the same performance twice - which just starts to look sad.