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Saturday, May 08, 2010


Actually many things disturbed me at work last week, but here are two...

A conversation between two girls in a hallway:

Girl: Don't stress. It's just a test. Either you're pregnant or you're not.

I guess she was comforting her friend that it was either a true or false type of test... Not one of those essay response bastards. Man, that type of pregnancy tests sucks. You have to write a three page report on why you should or shouldn't have a baby, complete with an APA formatted bibliography.

Another was this casual exchange between a myself and college prep. student.

TeacherLady: You know that short story we just read was made into a Twilight Zone episode. (noting the polite yet blank expression on the girl's face) Have you ever heard of The Twilight Zone?

Girl: Oh yeah! Twilight. Yeah.

I was mightily impressed with the fact that I didn't scream at the realization that when this generation hears the word Twilight, a bunch of emo vampires are what come to their minds as opposed to the cynical god in the fantastic skinny tie and a ciggie in his hand. It's not her fault. I'll raise my kids better.


~*♥ miss pink ♥*~ said...

Haha well said. I recently read an article that said the most popular baby names in the states right now are Jacob and Bella or something like that from the movie. Pathetic, considering these are the people who are going to be raising a whole generation.

TeacherLady said...

Miss Pink, I prefer not to think about that... Or else hope that there are enough people who have "retro" tastes that they'll pass on to their offspring.