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Thursday, April 08, 2010

In Honor of the Upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Day

It's actually on April 11th, but I had to share this as it just happened... I have a student who never fails to astound me at just how much information she misses with all the sleeping she tries to do in class...

CluelessBint: Can I ask you a question?
TeacherLady: Always.
CluelessBint: Ain't Hitler from Germany?

True, he was born in Austria, but this is far closer than her last stab in the dark on a previous test when she had guessed he was from Britain. I didn't know whether to be pleased she finally got closer to the mark or horrified that it took over a month of discussing WWII and actually moving on to the Cold War before she finally got that.

Victims of the Holocaust: You will not be forgotten. Well. Maybe. Sorry about that. I do try to do my job. Really, I do.

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