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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Apparently, my husband is into fat chicks because he got me the best collection of chocolates a woman could hope for on Valentine's Day. I'm a happy bint. We helped our three year old make her own Valentine's cards for her friends and after reading a paper on early literacy, we apparently did exactly the right thing... We encouraged her to write her own name on the cards, putting writing into real life context and making literacy fun. I had never thought about the exact moment a child starts to understand that letters represent sounds and vice versa, but I got to see it in our three year old and it's absolutely amazing. It's like watching the creation of life itself. The invention of fire. It was like the day someone realized peanut butter and chocolate tasted pretty darn good together. I wish I could have photographed it, filmed it, wrote down every detail of the moment it seemed to dawn on her... She went all Helen Keller on me, dragging me from word to word, identifying the letters she could and demanding I tell her what it said.

All in all, this has been an amazing February, despite a few crappy bits... My husband, kids, friends/colleagues are just incredible people and really make my life worth living. This night will only be made better by more chocolates, a good movie, and steamy hot love-making with Mr. TeacherLady... Only to be interrupted by the screaming of a cold-suffering, snotty 8 month old, I'm sure.

Happy Valentine's Day, people, and may your wild monkey-sex be interrupted far less than ours...

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