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Monday, January 25, 2010

Smart Ass in the Making

My three year old absolutely adores the kids' show "Zoboomafoo" hosted by the wonderful Kratt Brothers. It's basically a zoology show for the little 'uns, and my daughter would happily watch it every day if we'd let her. She's learned an awful lot from the show and our subsequent discussions about each of the topics/themes/animals on the show, so it's quite fun to experience it with her. In one episode, they talked about dinosaurs and so my husband extended her dino experience to include some Discovery Channel documentaries about dinosaurs too. It paid off, because little did we know that dinosaurs would be the center of an upcoming theme at her daycare and all the kids were asked a question and their answers written up on a giant Post-It note. The question was "What do dinosaurs eat?" and amid all the answers such as "popcorn", or "rocks", was our darling star's response of "plants and other dinosaurs". My husband and I wore smug smiles on parent night.

Anyway, the mini-paleontologist was watching Zoboomafoo with her daddy the other day when Chris Kratt, one of the co-hosts, feigned ignorance about something and said something along the lines of "I wonder if elephants hatch out of eggs?" Okay, not quite that, but something just as ridiculous... To which my daughter responded that no, they don't, and proceeded to give the correct answer. My husband remarked: "That's right! You're so smart!"

To which she responded:

"Chris isn't."

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PHSChemGuy said...

Now she just has to know how to say stuff like that under her breath.