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Friday, December 04, 2009

I Thought I'd Quit Breast Feeding, But I Guess Not...

There comes a time during my day in which I'm forced to ask myself the time-honored question: "What the fuck?" This usually occurs on a daily basis, and today was no different.

I've been working with this kid who keeps getting himself into trouble and failing a bunch of classes. He's smart, doesn't have special needs, but has the maturity and sense of responsibility of nine year old. Maybe. (He's a freshman, to clarify). So I invited him to come to me during his study halls, even though it meant he'd have to come to my busiest one, full of other colorful, clashing personalities, so it's a regular bloody Breakfast Club in there.

Today he had a history test and his teacher asked if the kid could come to my room and do it in there. I said sure. I'm already used to seeing the kid at least twice a day as he and his teachers seem to have decided that I'm his mommy and they can send him to me whenever he gets to be too annoying or at risk of getting himself into more trouble. To be honest, I appreciate that because I'd rather that than his getting sent to the office, but anyway... So he came to me today with his history test. I gave him a place to sit and said "Go for it." He whined endlessly, which I ignored. He tried to physically escape a number of times. I stopped him (verbally, I don't wrestle with students). Another teacher came in and decided to try to play good cop for no good reason and take him to his room even though I had everything under control and had started actually working on the test. Needless to say, the kid was promptly sent back to me minutes later. The kid's history teacher then came in and GAVE THE KID THE NOTES WITH ALL THE ANSWERS. I know why he did it... The kid wants to wrestle and his grades threaten that. That didn't even surprise me half as much as what happened next... He kept trying to call me over to help find the answers for him and to check if his answers were correct.

I abandoned all the classroom management warm fuzzy stuff I've been working on recently.

TeacherLady: Seriously? You were given the answers, which I find ridiculous enough, but now you're expecting me to find them for you? No, absolutely not. And you can find out if you got them right when they get graded. This is a test. It's testing what YOU know, not what I know.

I think even he realized how ridiculous this was, but it doesn't help my goal of getting these kids to take on SOME freaking responsibility.

Will someone please end this madness?! Make these kids do SOMETHING to EARN their grades and rewards!!!!