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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas Moon.

So we took photos last night to put on our Christmas cards. Thankfully, my husband doesn't expect us to be in the picture because I'm not particularly keen on being photographed and the kids make far better models anyway. Well, except that my three year old only has to look at the dresses I try to put her in for pictures each year before she starts running away naked, yelling "IT'S ITCHY!!" kinda sets the whole mood for the chaos to follow.

Adding a 7 month old into the mix makes for an even more entertaining time. It seemed that every picture I took had one of them blurred in motion while the other sat perfectly poised and motionless. When one had her hands on her lap, the other was sticking them both into her mouth, right up to the wrist.

I realized that ordering my three year old to smile was pretty stupid. I was in a colossally bad mood already, having had the work day from hell and knowing I'd only get more the next day on top of college assignments, simple household stuff that takes more time than effort, car trouble, more doctor's appointments for my youngest to have ear tubes put in, no time to rehearse my belly dancing choreography, no time to do Christmas shopping... Feel free to point out the hypocrisy of an Atheist celebrating a religious holiday. It's an excuse to be nice to others and spend time with family and enormous amounts of food.

Anyway, needless to say that my shortened fuse was not helping the matter so I decided to resort to the lowest common denominator. I told my husband to moon her. My husband is nothing if not accommodating. My daughters both looked in the same direction and beamed with enormous, heart warming, angelic smiles. Click. No one will look at that Christmas card and suspect the truth...


calencoriel said...

Oh how I hope I get another Christmas card this year!!!

Forsoothsayer said...

merry christmas tayeb :)