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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Psyched for Psychoville!

Yes, OH YES! A second series/season AND a TV special have been green-lit by the BBC for one of my favorite TV shows, Psychoville. It's enough to make me want to grab a washed up, one-handed, bitter children's entertainer and kiss his painted, nicotine-stained lips! Is it a newfound interest in clown porn or is it just Reece Shearsmith? I'll do some research and get back to you on that one.

Oh I can't wait to see how many hits my blog will get from poor buggers doing Google searches for "clown porn"...


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I've been really enjoying your blog - I work for the BBC World Service in London. Glad to see you are enjoying some of our output, although have to say Psychoville really freaked me out! Preferred the League of Gentlemen myself, and it was filmed up in the North West of the UK where I'm from. It's not quite like that in real life though! Have you seen The Thick of It? Really recommend it if you haven't - plenty of clips on YouTube. It's about parliamentary life in London, and very funny (although very sweary)! World Service, BBC Arabic, Turkish etc are all funded by the UK Foreign Office, who we deal with a lot, so a lot of the scenarios in this are so similar to what we experience!
Keep up the good work - I catch up on your blog during my lunch hour.
Caroline X

TeacherLady said...

Caroline, thanks so much for the lovely compliments! I know there are far more interesting and better written blogs out there, so I really appreciate your hanging out here regardless!
Also, thanks for suggesting The Thick of It. Since I don't live in Britain, I'm out of touch with all the new programs on and have to rely on word-of-mouth for recommendations as to what's worth hunting for. I'll try to get my hands on that. I think I downloaded and watched the pilot off of UK Nova a while ago... Was it filmed a bit like a mockumentary?
I just wish I could get British TV channels over here in the States. BBC America is just too limited. Ah well. UK Nova is great, but it's also limited to what's not available on DVD and what people are willing to take the time and effort to share. It's how I got to see Psychoville and how my daughter gets to see lovely British kid's shows from CBeebies.

Thank YOU for your work too. Feel free to keep in touch to give me more suggestions!

And don't deny it, you know your town's got a local shop for locals. :)

Caroline said...

Funnily enough, a clip from TLOG was filmed in my ex-boyfriend's house (the one where the vet threw the dog in the fire). His kids were only small and got really scared by the cast who were sat in the kitchen eating lunch in full costume! You're probably right about The Thick of It - definitely a mockumentary (filmed in BBC offices on the cheap!) Also made by the same production company is In The Loop, a film with James Gandolfino which has the same cast, but a UK/US diplomatic storyline - very funny too. You may be able to get it on DVD. And yeah, think your blog is great - so don't do yourself down! At home in Manchester I led a very sheltered Irish Catholic style life - very closeted really. Working for the Beeb in London was a bit of a culture shock, especially somewhere like the World Service which is really multicultural as we broadcast in 30 different languages - you can imagine our offices are something like the united nations! Reading international blogs like yours is a good way of me seeing the world through someone elses eyes.
Anyway, will find you on facebook - then you'll know who I am.