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Monday, November 16, 2009

Four Letter Word

I will forever regret the fact that I will most likely never get to sit and enjoy a pint and hours and hours of conversation with Billy Connolly. He is so genuine. The above sequence begins with a song he wrote entitled "Four Letter Word". I posted this in response to BothEyesShut's post on swearie words. He tells so many charming little anecdotes from his life growing up in Scotland. Be prepared, he's Glaswegian, so he makes more sense if you knock back a few pints first.

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Jumblerant said...

Great clip. Have you read his wife, Pamela Stephenson's book 'Billy'? Its a real eye-opener. Definitely worth the cover price.

The 2nd book isn't so amazing, more about her than him and based around his 60th birthday parties.