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Friday, October 02, 2009

Someone's Hot for Teacher.

Thanks for texting me how you feel

The other day, I found two of my colleagues giggling over a phone.

TeacherLady: Oh, Ms. LogisticsQueen, you haven't been sent anymore provocative text messages, have you?

I said this in jest, but was referring to an actual incident a couple of years ago where she had foolishly left her cell phone on her desk, allowing a particularly creepy student to get her phone number and subsequently send her some messages of the horny variety. This is the same kid who tried to touch my left boob by inching his hand closer and closer to it as I leaned forward to help a student sitting opposite me. I kept inching away, his hand kept advancing, until I ended up leaning so far to the right, I looked like I was attempting a particularly challenging yoga pose. I think I'll dub it the "Avoiding Purvy Paws Pose".

Anyway, it turned out I was fairly accurate.

Ms. LogisticsQueen: Just take a look at this.

Now, I know these new iPhones come with screens that are fairly sizable, and that's usually a good thing, but I really regretted that fact when I came face-to-face with a downward perspective shot of an erect penis in the grip of the photographer/artiste's right hand. An attached message read "Thinking of you..."

TeacherLady: Oh... OH! What? You could have just TOLD me... Oh man... Did you have to hold it that close to my face?

Apparently, just before I came in, she had held her phone up to HotAsianBabe who only saw a blank screen and caused some great confusion when asking "Is it yours?", referring to the phone and not the picture that had already vanished from the screen. After having two very different conversations between them, they finally cleared things up just before I arrived.
What's even funnier is the response from our head of security, whereupon seeing the telephoned-and-texted todger asked "Do you recognize him?" Obviously, he meant the shoes, but she made certain to clear any supposition that she may be able to identify strange men, and possibly a student, by pointing out their peckers.

We should probably text this guy back and thank him for the many laughs we had at his expense. Not the reaction he had probably hoped for, but he gave us some pleasure anyway. I laughed so hard I cried at subsequent conversations where we all asked her if she opened the picture up periodically, if it's her new screen saver etc... I love my colleagues.


NasEr said...

you know what a good reply to that would be ? "that was funny,you made so many people laugh today" ! the one who leaves school next day is the creep :D

Noliving said...

So what exactly did you do to the student who tried to grab/touch your breast?

PHSChemGuy said...

Ick, ick, ick, ickity, ick