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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Woman.

My older daughter is three and a half years old, but I'm already getting a taste of the teenager she may grow up to be. She's got a little friend at daycare named Denny. One evening we were eating dinner at the dinner table and she shared:

Mini-me: We call Denny a diaper, because he's small.

TeacherLady: Oh that's not nice. Poor Denny.

Denny is the kid who is always standing inches from us when I come to pick her up from daycare each day. If he's not in love with my daughter, he's at least in awe of her. And he is small. I encourage her to say bye to him as we leave, and she always does... He just stands there, staring after her. Denny the Diaper.

I do love how their insults are limited to their current vocabulary. Toddler Tourettes would consist of "poo, pee, potty, bum, fart". I should know, because my daughter occasionally has such outbursts followed by squeals of laughter.

Speaking of which, I'm mildly concerned about her tendency to randomly flash us. She sometimes likes to wear costumes about the house, and one day she was dressed quite charmingly in her Snow White outfit. In fact, she had put it on in honor of the Disney show we were about to go see and we thought she looked delightful. I then heard her distinctive squealing laugh, saw my husband roll his eyes smiling and turned to see her tiny bottom waving back and forth at me from underneath her poofy yellow skirt.

Mini-me: Look at my BUM! (she says/sings the word "bum" in as though it's made up of three syllables. It's very cute.)

I did what any self-respecting parent would do. I whipped out the digital video camera. Oh she'll pay for this, all right, but many years from now when I insist on showing this at any family gathering we host at our place.


calencoriel said...

sounds like this year's Christmas card photo to me...

Abel Undercity said...

Future blackmail material for the teenage years.