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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Okay, so I guess I'm more easily influenced by advertising than I'd care to admit, but this one came from the lovely lips of Padma Lakshmi (I'm sorry, but refer to exhbit-freaking-A above), and I'm only human. Cookstr.com looks like a fun place to explore. My husband already made the chicken breasts stuffed with fresh figs and goat cheese which turned out lovely. He found the recipe when searching for anything that included two of our favorite ingredients: goat cheese and bacon. Yup, there's bacon involved. Feel free to omit that portion, my kosher and halal friends. It's still freaking amazing. Turkey bacon may provide the salty element, but I can't say if it would really work well.

I like that you can search by chef, too, though their catalog seems a little limited at the moment. I searched for some highly visible celebrity chefs, and not all of them came up.

I'll share updates on any recipes which turn out well. I keep wanting to add to the blog I share with Gila, Give Peas a Chance, but then I realized all the recipes I like to make are fattening as hell. Maybe I should change the criteria for the posts on the blog...

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