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Sunday, July 26, 2009


My husband and I have been following the British dark comedy Psychoville and were sufficiently impressed even before seeing the fourth episode, which just totally raised the bar. Right from the get go, the inspiration for the episode is obvious to any Hitchcock fan. What I really loved was that the creators (and performers) of Psychoville took on board what Hitchcock could not, due to technological limitations of his time- A true continuous shot of the whole episode. The "ballet" performed by actors, boom mic. operators, lighting people, camera men, and crew who swoop in to move furniture out of the way and back again is quite impressive. It only serves as a reminder of how much more impressive it was back when shows were aired live and actors similarly had only one take to get it right, as well as stage actors who do it every day.

Above is a brief documentary on said episode.

Riding on the popularity of Lost's collection of counterfeit yet realistic company websites to add realism to the world created on the show, Psychoville has its own- all linked to from the official BBC website under "The World of Psychoville".

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