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Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the Night Kitchen

My daughter adores a rather bizarre little tale- In the Night Kitchen written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak of Where The Wild Things Are fame. It came across to me as a bit of an acid trip, but not all stories have to have glaringly obvious moral lessons (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, anyone?) and I found it rather charming that he dared to include innocent child nudity which freaked out enough people to have it pulled from some library shelves.

Here's an amusing reading of the story performed by Owen from Dad Labs. I shared a lot of his thoughts when I first read the book, except that the bakers didn't look like fat Hitlers to me... I just saw Oliver Hardy. However, I totally felt the same way about the "Cock-a-doodle-do!" bit...


My husband and I have been following the British dark comedy Psychoville and were sufficiently impressed even before seeing the fourth episode, which just totally raised the bar. Right from the get go, the inspiration for the episode is obvious to any Hitchcock fan. What I really loved was that the creators (and performers) of Psychoville took on board what Hitchcock could not, due to technological limitations of his time- A true continuous shot of the whole episode. The "ballet" performed by actors, boom mic. operators, lighting people, camera men, and crew who swoop in to move furniture out of the way and back again is quite impressive. It only serves as a reminder of how much more impressive it was back when shows were aired live and actors similarly had only one take to get it right, as well as stage actors who do it every day.

Above is a brief documentary on said episode.

Riding on the popularity of Lost's collection of counterfeit yet realistic company websites to add realism to the world created on the show, Psychoville has its own- all linked to from the official BBC website under "The World of Psychoville".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to School Special

Laugh as much as you want, I've seen enough kids return to school having gotten knocked up over the summer... I think this Back to School special may not have been accidental.

Why the Fuck Do You have a Kid?

There have been plenty of times this thought popped into my head... So this website offers up many examples that will inspire the same question in yours.
Why the Fuck Do you Have a Kid?
(Damn, that website no longer exists... What a loss....)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

VD is for Everybody!

Who knew? I thought it only belonged to skanky meth whores, but apparently we can ALL get in on the action!

And speaking of meth... (Thanks, Tim)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

PG Porn

Nathan Fillion! "And by my hammer, I mean my penis..." I loved Dr. Horrible... And Firefly... And Nathan...

I like how the porn stars actually seem to be genuinely enjoying the experience of making these shorts:

Alternate Ending for The Wizard of Oz

We turned on the TV and Thriller was playing. Before I could reach for the remote, my three year old daughter got an eyeful of Michael Jackson turning into a werewolf, in all his Rick Baker-esque grotesque glory.

As I mentally calculated the cost of her impending therapy, she continued to watch the music video with a great amount of interest and even delight, and so... I let her. I taught her the word "zombies" and she totally denied that Michael was a boy. She's going to grow up thinking Thriller is a kinky lesbo-horror music video. So we decided to show her The Wizard of Oz, thinking the creepy Wicked Witch of the West would be just as appealing for her... Turns out, she's scarier!

Anyway, here's a video I happened to come across... Dorothy has a point, there: