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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Know What Sucks?

Looking at my lottery ticket and seeing four of its numbers in LAST week's lottery drawing. Dammit. I feel like an idiot for even buying a lottery ticket.


Tamara said...

My Mom says that lottery tickets are taxes on stupidity : ) sorry but I feel if you put the money you pay for lottery tickets in jar you will gain more than buying them

PHSChemGuy said...

Tamara, that's brutal.

I'm not a huge lottery proponent, and I know that the math works out far better for you if you put the same money in a compounding interest account than buy a commensurate # of lottery tickets, but...

Buying a lottery ticket here and there (I tend to go for $5 when it's up above $100 million or so) when I'm also taking the step of setting an appropriate amount of money aside is more like playing a fun game for me. It gives me a chance to dream and hope for a very cheap little entry fee.

I never assume I'll win, nor do I buy an amount of lottery tickets that prohibits me from doing anything else in my life.