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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Right One In.

Last night, my husband and I watched the Swedish horror movie Let the Right One In. (Official Site in English). While the pace might not suit those used to the adrenaline stirring movies of contemporary Hollywood and is better appreciated by those who enjoy "art house" or "independent" movies (at the risk of making those people sound like modern day beatniks clicking their fingers at coffee house poetry readings and despising corporate America while living off of daddy's dollars earned at his CEO job at Proctor & Gamble), but I rather enjoyed it.

It's a vampire love story with a twist... It's set in the early 80's in Sweden and the vampire in question is a 12 year old girl who befriends a bullied little boy in her apartment block. The child actors come across very naturally, which is refreshing change from seeing some of the shit child actors I've seen recently in American movies. I'm often left wondering who the kid's mother blew to get them the job because there's no fucking way some of those kids were the best of ALL the kids who must have auditioned... But I digress. The special effects are used sparingly in the most enticing of ways. Just enough to hint at her full, horrifying abilities without taking away from the storytelling of two kids who just want to live their lives alongside someone who really cares, for once in their lives. 

As always, I NEVER watch a foreign movie with English dubbing if I can help it and it was certainly a good thing to listen to this movie with its original audio... Some of the English speaking voice actors were lacking to say the least when we went back and listened to a portion of it with the English dubbing.

While it's not my favorite movie of the year, it's one that I appreciate for its beauty, its tragedy, and its redemption. 


Broke Saudi said...

I saw the subtitled version, and it was a pretty good film. I read up on the on IMDB, turns out it's based on a book. In the book the girl in the movie (her name slipped my mind) was actually a boy in the book, he was castrated before becoming a vampire. The acting was great, props to the creepy old dude...he pulled off the eerie pedo vibe.

calencoriel said...

Hey - so what happens to your little baby graphic if you go past your due date and the baby isn't born? Does it just grow bigger and bigger until the baby ruptures the uterus?

TeacherLady said...

Broke Saudi, good to "see" you again! I hope you're well...
Yeah, we read that in IMDb and thought that was an interesting element and wondered how it played into the whole plot. What would the significance of the castration/mutilation be to the whole story? I guess it would play into the whole emergence of sexuality theme that underlies the whole thing...

Calen, actually that exact though HAD crossed my mind. I'm going to leave it up and see what happens. My money is on the fetus bursting out and doing a song and dance routine ala Space Balls. We can only hope...

calencoriel said...

That would be FANTASTIC! I'll stay tuned...(and will for actual news of the birth itself, of course).

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