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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Dose of Disney.

I love hearing multiple dubbings of American movies into other languages, especially musicals (You've not lived until you've heard the French dubbing of "Uncle Fucka" from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut...) and was delighted to find out today that Jackie Chan did the voice of the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Now that my daughter is working her way through classic Disney animated movies, I'm really astounded at the superior animation of the older ones... Having recently watched Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, I marveled at the quality of movement of the human characters and was horrified to realize that the apparent rush job of Beauty and the Beast set it FAR below its much older counterparts (the animation only, everything else about that movie rocks). 

Man, you really have to watch Sleeping Beauty in Blu-Ray format to fully enjoy the AMAZING background art alone.  So this youtube clip of it won't do it justice, but just watch the movements of Aurora/Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty... Stunning. Probably due to it having been rotoscoped. (Disney made great use of this in the past.)


An art that has now evolved into that body suit for 3D motion capture that made movies like Monster House and King Kong what they are, though to be honest I find the rotoscoping more fluid and natural looking...

And while I'm on the subject of Disney movies... I'm not saying that their modern productions are crap by any means, but they've really lost a lot of their charm. Naive, sweet romance has been replaced with smart-mouthed pop-culture referencing sarcastic characters. I remember when Once Upon a Dream and When You Wish Upon a Star were the sweet refrains echoing through their amusement parks, now it's all teeny-bopping shite from High School Musical, which has its place, but now it seems to be the only voice of Disney at all. When did Disney exclude the little ones, the innocents who don't give a crap about trivial adolescent bull crap? 

My daughters are doomed to a future of smart-ass, mini-skirt wearing Bratz doll clones filling their fields of vision despite my best efforts. Dammit.


NasEr said...

are you serious????????????
dubbing is the rape crime of movies really ! have you ever heard a Thai dubbing ??? it has a side effect of wanting to bash your head against the wall really ! they even dub the breathing for hell's sake!nothing hits on my nerve like listening to a Thai dubbed ANYTHING.
wow,this comment is full of love !! :D

TeacherLady said...

Yeah, I guess I didn't make myself very clear with some contradictory statements I made... I only listen to dubbing when it's an English speaking movie originally and it entertains me to hear the songs or dialogue in another language. Even then, I only listen to bits, not the whole film. When watching non-English speaking movies, I always put on English subtitles and hear the original language as it was meant to be.
NasEr, I only respect you more after your comment. :)

NonArab-Arab said...

Now call me crazy, or just call me not a native Arabic speaker (at least one of which is definitely true), but I've always thought that Disney's dubbing into Arabic is fantastic.


Is that just a stupid khawaga opinion, or what do you think of the job they do?

Kristin said...

I have a good friend who is a man, and does the voice of Ursula and Mickey Mouse in the Arabic disney stuff. I'm biased, but I think his "poor Unfortunate Souls" is better than the original :)

TeacherLady said...

NonArab-Arab, my Arabic is not so fluent that I would be able to properly critique the translations, but I've always been delighted with the rewriting of the songs to maintain a rhyme scheme.

Kristin, I SO have to hear your friend sing that! I think the job of a voice talent is so intriguing... I've got an odd fascination for people in that career doing cartoons and advertisements. I also love how often they get Arab men to do the voices of women (such as most of the cast of Freej). It works, especially when you've heard just how deep some Arab women's voices can be!