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Friday, April 03, 2009

Battlestar Galactica- In Ur Utube, Fraking Wit Ur Mind.

Edward James Olmos at the UN

Battlestar Gallactica intro done in the style of The Office

Rather lengthy (and kinda dark-visually as well as content-wise, of course!) summary of first three seasons, but VERY well done

Time lapse video of drawing of Tricia Helfer

BSG on Robot Chicken

Bear McCreary is one of the BEST damn composers for TV/video games/etc. He is capable of blending so many different styles, it's just mind-boggling. Here's a song he wrote for BSG (performed live), All Along the Watchtower, A Distant Sadness (I wonder if it's true the lyrics to that are Armenian...)

Damn. I'm going to miss that show. I hope Caprica has something similar to offer.

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Hepius said...

When this show wasn't brilliant, it was at least entertaining. It did have many moments of brilliance. I thought episode "33" was some of the most intense television I have ever seen. Definitely my favorite episode.