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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let's Warm Those Cockles for a Moment.

I've not been posting much. A combination of apparently bearing the Vitruvian girl in my uterus, having homework to do for TWO masters online classes, a full time job, AND trying to spend as much quality time with my family as possible make things a bit hectic. On top of that, my three most challenging students continue to impress me with the extents they are willing to go to prove how entirely self-destructive they are. 

Amid all this chaos, however, I choose to hunt desperately for little patches of sunshine to bask in. When asked by a mental health evaluator who at his school might best know and understand him, one of my students answered with my name before she even finished the sentence, according to her. And there I was believing his whining and his complaints that my sole purpose was to make his life a misery for no good reason, poor victim of the system of oppression and circumstance that he is. Without going into detail about his recent roller coaster of an educational experience, I'd say he's only spending half his time in school making my job to get him to pass next year's state graduation test even more impossible than it already was. Criminal behavior, in and out of school suspensions, refusal to work when he is in class, and many other factors turn my job into quite the adventure.

In preparation for my departing on maternity leave, I've had my substitute come in to shadow me and I'm really hoping she's got what it takes to stay sane. I can see by her eagerness that she's desperate to do things well, but her nervousness reeks like the kid who pooped in his pants last week in science class and it's leading to her blurting out completely inappropriate or irrelevant things to both the kids and my colleagues. She seems very sweet and incredibly helpful, just wound up "like an eight day clock". I felt awfully guilty but validated to see how utterly exhausted she was dealing with only one of my more challenging students for only one class period. It made me feel less guilty for looking like I've been dragged through a series of hedges made entirely of Billy clubs, shards of glass, and twigs by the end of each day.

Thankfully, my husband being the sweetheart that he is, I got a gift card to get a mother-to-be massage at the local spa/salon for Valentine's Day so I also got the mess atop my head shaped into a reasonably decent hair cut. I think after the third wash since, I finally mastered how to recreate it for the most part... Anyway, I always like to ask each hairdresser I get my favorite question to ask someone in their profession: What's the worst hairdo you've ever been asked to give someone? And the answer is ALWAYS the same. The mullet. I laughed. Go on, ask it the next time you get your hair cut and see if you get the same response. It felt fantastic to feel a little sexier now that I look a little more well groomed, and having my sub dropping in on me makes me feel I'm just that little closer to my hobbling out of work in the midst of contractions yelling "So long, suckas!" to everyone in the building.

Anyway, now that I've bored you with my own update, here's a link to the blog of a dear friend of mine:

Son of the Cucumber King

Ironically, he just wrote a post about Bashir Gemayel not too long after I put up the trailor for Waltz With Bashir. Knowing what GREAT stories he has amassed based on his own experiences and insights, I look forward to seeing his blog grow and develop. Stop over there once in a while through my Middle Eastern related blog list and check out his anecdotes and thoughts.


7aki Fadi said...

So you're having a girl?
So how long is you mat leave?
So are you excited?And how ON EARTH can you do all you do? I am exhausted just reading it!!!!

calencoriel said...

I've seen the new haircut and it makes you hotter than ever!

TeacherLady said...

7aki Fadi, yup, this is going to be a house of princesses! My maternity leave will go from mid April until the next school year in August. Unless I'm feeling stupid and want to come back in at the end of this school year to tidy stuff up with my sub. Or not.
Calen, you make me feel sexy, thank you. I shall reward you with flirty eyes at our next staff meeting, though you'd do a better job with your fantastic eyes! I'd throw in a growl too if I could do one... I'll just go back to making inappropriate jokes instead.

NasEr said...

holy mother of randomness :D
what age do you teach ?? and wish you a smooth happy scream-free delivery :p if possible :D
anddddddddd take care n be well :)

TeacherLady said...

9th graders, yaaaay!
Hey, I didn't scream at all during my last delivery, so I'm hoping for more of the same this time. Once I got that epidural, it was a breeze. Of course, once it wore off and I walked like a saddle sore cowboy for a little while afterwards is another story...
Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reminding me to explore your blog. I'm a doofus. I've been meaning to for quite some time and never got around to it.

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