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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Home Sweet Home.

Ahhh... One of the many perks of being a teacher includes the prospect of snow days. As a parent, they'll definitely come in handy when my daughter is school-age but not yet old enough to be trusted to be left alone at home (ie. not until she moves out, which may coincide with the day I give her the key to her chastity belt. She's only two and a half right now. I plan ahead.) Right now, her daycare stays open come rain or shine or complete blasted blizzard straight from the North Pole itself. Those poor bastards.

Having had almost an entire week off last week, I had the most amazing time with said munchkin. I may not be the best mother in the world- she probably watches more TV than she should, I may not have the stamina to play loads of sports with her in the park- but I do the best I can to enrich her childhood in any way I can. We painted, we went to the museum, baked cookies and cakes, read books, played with Play-Doh, Lego, tea sets, toy animals (she can identify a wombat. I think that's cool). We sang songs, played with Smart Mass putty (she enjoyed making fart noises while sticking her tiny fingers into it), generally having an amazing time.

So it was a sad and rude awakening to return to work and hear the following exchange in history class:

History teacher: Can anyone tell me what "domestic" means?

At least three students responded in near perfect unison with: Violence.

Okay. So I doubt they all come from abusive backgrounds... I'm thinking we've got "naked-woman-in-a-dumpster" cop/forensic TV shows to thank, along with some sad cases of actual domestic violence amongst our students, for adding the term "domestic violence" to their lexicon. I'm savoring the days that those ideas have yet to have any meaning for my little midget.


Nicole said...

I found you via Gila's blog and love reading what you write!
I have a similar story to your wombat story - my daughter is 10 months old, and at the Well-Baby clinic they asked me if she knows to look for the light if you ask her "where's the light?". I said that she didn't, but she does know how to point to a fairy on her wall when i say "where's the fairy?". They didn't think it was a very useful skill to have...

TeacherLady said...

Fairy, light... The principle is the same! Your little one understands you want her to recognize something you've indicated verbally and she did. I'd only be concerned if you asked her to point out where the used syringe is in the playground and she did!