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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Censorship Fail.

My students think I swear slightly less than Mother Theresa did, which makes me laugh. It proves just how well I play the "teacher game" where they're also fairly convinced that I only achieved conception through divine intervention. I don't lie to them when they ask me if I swear, I just model the self control they often lack! While pregnant, I get to chide student swearing with a little more humor ("Oh my, don't let the baby hear language like that!" while planting my hands on either side of my belly). When huffing and puffing my way through the halls, I swoop past all the cussing like a crop dusting plane, dropping "Language! Dear oh dear!" and "Excuse me, watch what you're saying" as I go, but yesterday I heard one that made me laugh. Outside the restrooms, a young man told his friends: "Man, I gotta take a mother fuckin' doo-doo." He consciously made the decision to censor himself that way. He must be related to the kid I overheard a year or so ago who greeted his companion with: "Mother fucka! I haven't mother fuckin' seen you in mother fuckin' ages! Fucker!" I know I'm missing a "fuck" in there somewhere, because he put one somewhere that didn't work at all, which made it even funnier, but I put on my serious face, told him off and went on my way. 


Hepius said...

I have students in my Honors Economics class who regularly put "sucks" and "crap" into their essays. At what point did those words become acceptable in a formal essay turned into the teacher?

The F-bomb never gets dropped in class, but you can't go ten feet down the hallway without hearing it.

They get so used to obscenity that it will come back to burn them when they use it in the wrong place and time. Like with an older employer.

NasEr said...