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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Post Isn't Very Kosher or Halal. Sorry.

This post is dedicated to PHSChemguy, Calen, and Chris and any other great lovers of the missing food group known as "Bacon".
BEHOLD! Bacon air freshener! Trying to cover up the funk left behind by a forgotten lunch stuffed under your car seat?
Bacon mints! Make sure to pop one of these in your pie hole before every job interview, evaluation, and date! (Except if any of the people involved are practicing Jews or Muslims.... Otherwise you may start something that won't end without a slap, a lawsuit, or an attempted conversion coming down on you.)
Bacon flavored toothpicks! It's better than picking up used ones of the floor of a BBQ restaurant!

...And the ever popular: bacon flavored waxed floss! Very handy when trying to wrestle that stubborn piece of bacon out from between your teeth without sacrificing its taste!

There are more, but I'll leave you to explore their products yourself. The site is Accoutrements (or click here directly for their bacon/meat section) and as far as I can see, they only sell wholesale. So, party favors/next year's stocking fillers for everyone!


Chris said...

Bacon, the atheist's sacrament... Especially when eaten on a Friday during lent to piss off every major religion.

x l said...

:) Someone must have had that air freshener at work this morning.

TeacherLady said...

Chris, triple blasphemy. I like it. I don't discriminate, I offend everyone equally.

xl, my car is messy, but not smelly thankfully. But it's true that I sometimes lose some Tupperware under a chair only to find it weeks later with mold growing on the scraps of food that were left in there. I'm one classy dame. But air fresheners tend to make me ill. Too strong.

The Gori Wife said...

Don't eat the air freshener!!!

Ah bacon...how I miss you...

TeacherLady said...

Gori Wife, that would just be nasty, but I guess if you were deprived long enough... Does turkey bacon do anything for you