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Saturday, January 03, 2009


First listen to the sexy voice of the bunny from this old British Cadbury's advert I remember from my childhood... Then take a look at who the voice talent is and prepare to be surprised! That woman has the most impressive range of accents and voices.


calencoriel said...

Professor Sprout!

(congrats on 100 days left, btw...)

UmmeAaiman said...

Hi there..... I hope you are doing fine with school and all... Have not been so active lately. BTW why don't you sign up with Entrecard? It's nice blog promotion.

TeacherLady said...

Calen, yup! I forget how many great British actors they managed to cram into those films!

UmmeAaiman, I'm doing okay, but I've been better... I'm getting awful pains that make it hard to walk sometimes and sadly my job involves my being on my feet an awful lot. I also just started two online classes today, so my brain is truly melting... How've you been?
I've not looked into Entrecard, I may just do that when I've got a second!