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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Red Scare (Santa, That Is...)

I do have my very own photos of my poor daughter crying on Santa's lap... It was taken while she was at daycare so I wasn't there to say it wasn't altogether necessary to scar my poor munchkin for life, but the final result of a picture of her bawling her eyes out on Santa's lap was rather amusing. Thankfully, this year we got a great shot of her giggling instead (thanks to the assistant to the photographer who was a stealth tickler) but here are other people's great Kodak moments of childhood terror and tears on the lap of dreaded Old Saint Nick at the Chicago Tribute's website!

Looking at how horrifying some of these guys are, you wonder who on earth thought they'd make great Santas... I full expected to see a cross on one of their foreheads indicating Charlie had been a good boy this year and was finally let out on probation...

Note the death grip being practiced by the above Santa as the little boy attempts to make his escape and leave his little sister to her festive fate.

Here we have the classic "Suicidal Santa" pose. This man's wife clearly left him a few Christmases ago, he lost his job at Chuck E Cheese for smacking a boy celebrating his 8th birthday on the back of the head for calling him a "loser of epic proportions, even Uwe Boll would be jealous", and he now has to make a living as a Santa at Christmas time to break up the monotony of being the bathroom attendant at he local ballpark the rest of the year.

I just enjoyed the look of sheer terror on this girl's face, despite the almost Normal Rockwell look of this guy.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA, I don't want to laugh but I can't hold my self, poor little kids, they seem to be life threatened in these photos.

I bet they will have a good laugh at these photos when they grow up :D

Summer said...

i would like to thank for having my blog on your list of food blogs..i really appreciate it.
Happy Holiday and Happy Cooking :)

TeacherLady said...

Nizars, that's the thing... They'll grow up and be able to laugh about it themselves... Or else go to therapy. It's all in good fun!

Summer, no thank YOU for your blog! I have recently had the motivation to do more cooking at home and it's blogs like yours that inspire me!