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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Off to Connecticut and the Demise of Pushing Daisies.

We're off to Connecticut today as soon as my hubby gets home from work. We're going to enjoy the opening night of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas live musical at Goodspeed theater on Sunday night. I'm crossing my fingers that at least one big Muppeteer is in attendance. The implication when then be that I'd make a complete ass of myself in the presence of at least one big Muppeteer. I'm just worried that I won't recognize some of the newer chaps, or that the older chaps will have shaved off their big beards and long hippie hair, like Dave Goelz did, and totally confuse me.
I'm hoping my munchkin will sit still long enough to enjoy the show that she has already grown to enjoy in DVD form. I'm also hoping that our OTHER munchkin sits still and doesn't decide to use my bladder like a punching bag the way he/she did on a particularly long drive home the other day.
I've tried not to pack like an Arab (come on, my Middle Eastern homies, you know you pack like Armageddon is around the corner) but seeing as I now have to wear tent sized winter outfits, that's not leaving a lot of room for all the silly little optional stuff like diapers and sippy cups. The problem is that we have one of those huge, spacious mini-vans (complete with DVD player for the little one THANK DODGE FOR THAT) and I have a tendency to allow my crap to expand to fill the space provided. You give me more space, I hog that too. I'm like a gelatinous cube of space absorption. (A little nod to my D&D buds).
Anyway, I'd best make sure I have skipped over any essentials and clear some space on the DVR.

By the way... When I heard Pushing Daisies got canceled, I shouted "sonofabitch". Every time the thought crops up in my mind again and again, I repeat myself "sonofabitch" (emphasis on the last syllable.) Dammit. I really enjoy that show. ABC, you're a bunch of sonsofbitches. No longer will I get to enjoy Chi McBride's wry humor, gaze at Lee Pace's charming Jim Dale-ish appearance, and ogle Kristen Chenoweth's generous... Tracts of land. I'm disappointed. Never was witty dialogue and great bosom accentuating costumes so well put together in one show. ABC, once the last few episodes have been aired, I'm going to go back to watching absolutely NO SHOWS on your stupid channel. Sonofabitch.


brainy said...

Psst! Enjoy the show! My wife and I will be seeing the show next week and are *very* excited.

Abel Undercity said...

Speaking of Muppety goodness, I assume you've heard about FAO Schwartz selling Muppet Whatnot kits?

ra said...

hey TL, Eid Mubarak!! did you guys do the "bakri" eid thing? saw it today after so many years. hmm, think im gonna lay of any kinda meat for a while. lol!!

take care and God bless. best wishes to the family

TeacherLady said...

Brainy, you'll love it!

Abel, I know!! I really want to get one, I'll eventually get around to it! The problem is that you can't design the puppet online just yet. The only offer available is the more expensive gift package option. Thanks for making sure I knew, though! Very sweet of you.

Ra, I haven't been back home for Eid in a long time, so I haven't so much as had a fantastic Eid buffet in quite some time... Sigh.

Abel Undercity said...

My pleasure, TL! I thought of you, as a fellow Muppephile (note to self: Find less icky nickname for Muppet enthusiasts), and wanted to make sure they were on your radar.

Speaking of which, did you see yesterday's PvP?