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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy National Day!

I may be a critical, whiny, cynical little bint, but I'm still proud of the good ol' UAE. "3eeshy bilaaaady, 3ash itihaaad Imaaaraatinaaaa...!"

I suck at writing Arabic using English characters. Take my word for it, I sang it really well just now. My cats are staring at me. Again.


C.J. said...

Why do cats stare at people? It's very unnerving.

Abel Undercity said...

Mine only do it when I sing. I do not get the impression of approval.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I hate it when cats give you this weird look :D

Happy national day!

xeila said...

I remember my friend's cat, Charles Wallace, used to follow people in the bathroom and watch them. I think he really just wanted to be able to help them with the toilet paper.

Happy National Day!

humble simpleton said...

Happy national day.

When you Arabs transliterate arabic to latin, you use number for letters that are not present in latin, right? So how would you say:"The answer is 42"?