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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Men in Lipstick!

I'm not always turned on by cross-dressing men, as a rule, but here are some sexually abiguous chaps I can appreciate. I know I could have included just about every rock star who performed in the 80s, but I didn't.

David Bowie singing Life on Mars. He's still sexy.

Tim Curry singing Sweet Transvestite. He used to be sexy.

John Cameron Mitchel sings The Origin of Love. Who knew a man in drag would sing what I consider to be one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard? (Note: I dressed as Yitzhak for halloween one year- that's the 'guy' with the bandana and stubble- and my husband dressed as Hedwig. Facial hair is itchy and my spouse learned it wasn't a good idea to shave his chest.)

Joel Grey singing Willkommen. Actually, I was strangely attracted to him when I first saw this movie. It confused me to find a guy in lipstick hot, especially such a little pixie of a man such as he, but I just went with it. It's also one of the best musicals I've ever seen. It was hard picking one song. Gotta love the Fosse choreography. I would often try to immitate it and my hips and wrists would get a great workout in the process!

I tried to find good clips of The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but I wasn't impressed by what I found. I just think Hugo Weaving is hot. I found this crappy music video that doesn't allow embedding, and while it's awful, they did a better job of his drag costume and make-up than they did in the movie, I think. Guy Pearce was more attractive in drag, but Hugo was V. That makes him extra sexy.

I'm sure there are loads I'm forgetting, but I'm tired and need chocolate. Ta ta, sweetie-dahhhlings!


humble simpleton said...

Yes, you forgot some, but we the readers can help ourselves, no?
I think Boy George is spitze. And what Queen fan would not mention I want to break free?
Now a technical thing, the last link - Priscilla Queen of the Desert, returned me:"This video is not available in your country." HAH? So I tried a few proxies, some returned "Video no longer available", some "Update your flash player", and finally this one worked and played it in old version of youtube player.

Anonymous said...

How on earth do you find them sexy, I would rather make out with a clown than with one of these guys.

Anonymous said...

They are all sexy, except Joel Gray doesn't do much for me. Bowie and Curry are still sexy, too, imho. But you should see John Barrowman do Wilkommen. He is the hottest thing around! There's a short bit of it at the beginning of this medley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EkCqUoIQ9g

He's hot even when he doesn't wear lipstick, although you can often catch him in drag. (Sometimes he makes up for the lack with spangles.)

(Sorry I have to be anon here - at work)