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Friday, October 24, 2008

Some of My Favorite TV Show Openings

Jeeves and Wooster. Not only some of my favorite novels, but has a terrific TV theme tune to go along with it. Stephen Fry IS Jeeves, as Hugh Laurie IS Bertie Wooster. I used to think he was cute back then, but now there's House... Oooh... Rugged, broody, smart men...

Carnivale. A feast for the eyes and ears. Beautifully symbolic and at times horrifying. A series tragically cut short.

M*A*S*H. Classic. Despite historically inaccurate helicopters.

The video for M*A*S*H is no longer available. Boo. You all know what it looks like anyway.

4400. I thought the singer sounded a little Arab (my Arabian radar is almost as good as my Gaydar), turns out she's of Lebanese heritage. The song is a little youthful and cool but relevant, and the visuals are lovely and get across the feeling of the show nicely. (If you don't know, it's about people who are taken from various time periods then all returned at the exact same time in contemporary America not having aged since there's last time on earth). It got cancelled too.

The Twilight Zone. Oh MAN I love that series. I would have had Rod Serling's babies. If my husband wouldn't have minded. Hm. Coming across as a little bit of a horndog right now.

Six Feet Under. Simple, clean visuals and delightful instrumentals.

Dexter. Cute little allusions to his recreational activities as a serial killer. Okay, maybe "cute" wasn't the right word...

Red Dwarf. Okay, so these are end credits instead of opening, but what fun lyrics for my favorite comedy sci-fi show ever! (It led me to my husband, too. Bonus!)

Star Trek: The Next Generation. It makes me all tingly with hope for humanity. And because of Patrick Stewart's voice.

And I can't put TNG up without the original series, which was initially supposed to have cheesy-ass lyrics written by the great Gene Roddenberry. Reason prevailed and they added the piercing female vocals to the second season intro instead.

Doctor Who. The latest incarnation, that is.

The original Doctor Who theme wasn't much different. Here's an inexplicably long version of that with an added bridge that no longer exists in the newer version.


Hani Obaid said...

I find the Mash opening sad because I know the lyrics. Suicide is painless!

Your Aradar is sensetive indeed, I never suspected an Arab in the 4400 theme!

I love the TNG theme, I stll remember rushing home from college so that I'd be in time to catch the episode.
It's hilarious in German:

Did you notice in TOS, Kirk says (where no man has gone before), but picard says (where no one)!

Abel Undercity said...

Say, TL, have you heard that Patrick Stewart is going to be guesting on Doctor Who in the upcoming season? Supposedly he's going to be reprising another renegade Time Lord from the original series known as the Meddling Monk.

Nas said...

hmm, i also liked Deep Space Nine and Voyager intros.

But what about a classic one like The Simpsons! Danny Elfman.

or Walden's music for The West Wing opening.

Weeds did an interesting thing in season 2 where its folksong intro was played by a different artist every episode. and the intro itself really captures the american suburban bore.

PHSChemGuy said...

"Suicide is Painless" is so sad...

Love "Red Dwarf" and have missed so many episodes that I need to just find the series on DVD and work my way through...

"Carnivale" was heading in such a cool direction before it got canceled...as was "Deadwood"...so sad...