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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Body Seems to Want the Muslim Vote

We don't need any more stinkin' bigots on the McCain side. Sad that Daniel Zubairi (the gent in the shades) wasn't permitted to speak to CNN about the following event:

And the Obama side isn't so keen on making connections with the Muslims either.

I know why neither side wants to touch this, I just think it's a little sad. Ah well. You can't make everyone happy, I know that too. I'll just end up picking the one that offends me the least. The old sexist who called his wife a cunt or Robin Hood whose organizers have Muslims removed from the background for photo opportunities. Hmm... There's far more to each candidate than these paltry facts, but I can't help think about them occasionally. First impressions and all that.


Chris said...

But if you listen to the televangelists, it's the christians who are persecuted in the US. I mean, they are only an 80% minority.


TeacherLady said...

Well, I don't feel it right to tell Christians they shouldn't say Merry Christmas, or that they can't pray where they want to... So in that regard I find they can be discriminated against, but in a different way, I suppose. I make sure to say Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and students and Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends and students (not many Jewish students where I work, but there are a couple.)

Chris said...

I'm with you on that. I think I failed in making a snarky comment about a persecution complex from a group that is by far the majority. I'm blaming the Sudafed I'm taking for this :)