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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Favorite Quotes of the Week

In science class:

"Now who was the scientist who was fabled to have had an apple fall on his head?"

"Wayne Newton!"

Also in science class:

"What's that other famous scientist? Frankenstein?"

"No, it's Einstein, man you stupid."

In history class they were challenged to answer citizenship test questions:

"How many states are there in the US?"



"The Revolutionary War... We won that, didn't we?"


"Mr. History Teacher...? The 10 Amendments... Is that like God's 10 Amendments?"

I love my job. I've got so much to do.


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Abel Undercity said...

Urrrgh... that reminds me of this family we had on the bookmobile today. This father herds his kids onboard and they stare at the books like they're on display in a museum. Then he herded them all off, not a single book touched, apparently having felt he did his parental duty by exposing them to... learning by osmosis, I guess.