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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Women For Women International

Please consider a donation to Women For Women International... All donations will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $100,0000 until October 31st.
The money goes towards helping women in various war-torn countries to rebuild their lives and their communities through vocational training and loans to start their own businesses. The money also goes towards classes to develop their sense of independence and empowerment, especially in situations of systematic torture, rape, and abuse from militaristic presences. You might also want to consider sponsoring a sister... I am now sponsoring my second sister from Afghanistan. I told them to randomly assign a sister to me based on wherever the greatest need is and so far it's been Afghanistan both times. Due to great need for their services, each woman is only permitted to remain in the program for one year, then if you choose to continue to be a sponsor, they swiftly provide the next woman with your kind support.

This isn't just a hand-out, you're helping the world be a better place... Something we should all aspire to on different levels. You'd be helping not just one woman, and not even just her family, but her community with the jobs she'll be providing others as her business grows and the economic growth in her community as she finally has money to spend in her own area. I could only hope someone would be willing to offer me help if I had been dealt the same cards they had.

I shall now quit my preaching and go try to keep some dinner down long enough to digest it. "Morning" sickness, my ass...

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kinzi said...

Nadia Dajani, a Jordanian jewelry designer, has created a line of jewelry that is made by Iraqi war widows through Women For Women. I think you can order it from their website (after making a donation :D)

Pretty cool.