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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stress and Stars

Things are on the right track... My daughter continues to amaze me with her knowledge and her ability to actually make me love someone more and more each day, the weather is fairly mild for this time of year, The Shield and Prison Break are back on TV, my husband is as helpful and supportive as ever... And then there's WannabePunchingBag.

TeacherLady: Did you get your work done? (He's sitting there doing jack, my guess is he's not done the five pages of math problems I puts stars on, indicating they needed to be done)
WBPB: Yup.
TeacherLady: (For a moment, I actually entertain the possibility that someone just threw a snowball in Satan's realm, then decide I may as well believe in Santa Claus.) Really?
WBPB: Yup.
TeacherLady: If I open that binder and find you've not finished it, I'm going to give you a detention. Is that fair?
WBPB: Yup. Sure.

I proceed to pick up his binder, which he then snatches from me.

WBPB: You can't look in there.
TeacherLady: So what you're telling me is that you lied again, right?

He gets mad, starts looking in the other direction and tries to put his binder under his chair. I'm teaching high school. HIGH SCHOOL. What the hell...? He's actually having a tantrum.

TeacherLady: Get it done. If you need help, just call me over. I'll get you started with this one...

I explain how to do the hardest problem on the page then leave him to continue working alone. Ten minutes later, he waves the binder in my face while I'm trying to help another student. I ignore him. He returns to his seat. Once I've finished helping the other student, I go over to him and ask to see his work he's apparently so proud of. Again, he tries to conceal it from me. He's done less than a third of the work.

I've come to the conclusion that he really wants my approval, but not through any effort on his part. I'm going to have to continue to make a big deal out of smaller achievements of his, but this is going to be a tedious battle.

TeacherLady: Why do you tell me things that aren't true? Twice in ten minutes, no less? (He refused to look me in the eye.) Could you do me a favor? Could you please not tell me things that aren't true because this is really going to make everything take a heck of a lot longer than it should. For my sanity, would you please tell me the truth the first time around AND actually work on what you're supposed to?

Sadly, I've figured out that my "morning" sickness (HA. As if I only puked in the morning) is further aggravated by stress. This guy is going to make me look like a college student on a Saturday night, in that case. I just try to find that silver lining and remember that he's not a BAD kid, just an irritating kid who soaks up my effort and time like an Evil Sponge of Black Hole-ness. I believe Carl Sagan did a piece on him in Cosmos. (Going off on that tangent for a moment, I totally love the theme music for the show that they've got playing on that link. It soothes my poor frayed nerves.)

Let's take a moment to contemplate the "billions" of less stressful moments in our lives. Ahhh...


7aki Fadi said...

Are you pregnant ??

So I skip the whole post and comment on that. heheh

So so are you are you???

Abel Undercity said...

You know, for him to be a proper punching bag, you have to suspend him from the ceiling. Might I suggest by the toenails? Don't forget to tape your wrists to avoid injuring them.