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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wandering Mind...

I’ve decided to compile a list of random observations I’ve made in the context of my career:

Far too many kids have tattoos. Who the hell is giving these kids tattoos when they’re 12 and 13 years old? I taught kids in the 8th grade who came to me with tats already.
If the guy doesn’t care about parental consent to tattoo a child, do you think he cares if his needles are clean? And wiping them on his sleeve doesn’t count.

Parents need to reexamine their choice of spelling when it comes to their kids' names. I’m not talking about the hideous way some of them spell more conventional names, which I’m not particularly fond of either (Deszirae? Kaytee?)... I’m talking about Terria which is apparently pronounced Tee-air-uh, Khalfoni is apparently Kuh-fah-nee, Asyza was supposed to be Ay-ja. What? Also, no woman should have the name Aquanet. What the fuck were her parents thinking?

Students really are impressive at adopting the role of “victim” while perpetuating stereo-types made of their age group. A student voiced his disgust at being followed around a store when his friends pointed out that he is, in fact, a thief and has stolen from more stores than they could remember, to which he agreed, but he still felt unjustly targeted by bigoted adults. We could take this argument deeper and wonder, perhaps, if the expectations of adult society created the thief that might never have been… But I doubt it. (My mind traces back to I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang.

NOTHING infuriates me more than people doing everything in their power to avoid doing their job. Doing a shitty job at a school cheats your colleagues, your students, their parents, and the tax payers. If you don't want to teach kids, don't fucking teach kids. If you're a racist, don't fucking teach kids. If you can't hide your dislike for kids and make it obvious you can't stand being in the same room with them, don't fucking teach kids. If you're not qualified in your capacity to the point that you almost never actually do your job, don't fucking be a school psychologist (oh I'm sorry, was I a little specific that time? What a tool. Him, not me. I'm just a bitch.) If you don't want to counsel kids with emotional issues because it's "not [your] job", don't be a fucking counselor. If you don't want to teach kids about good hygiene and actually REFUSE TO DO IT WHEN ASKED VERY NICELY, don't be a fucking school nurse. If you've been teaching the same subject for over a decade and STILL don't write or have any lesson plans, don't fucking teach kids. If you can't tell your special ed. person (ie. ME) what the hell you're teaching TOMORROW because you'll be photocopying the worksheets TOMORROW MORNING, don't fucking teach kids.

I must confess. The last point is really bugging me right now, because a colleague I was supposed to trust and respect is fobbing off so many of this colleague's students on me and on others, with no good reason in some cases, that I'm seriously questioning this colleague's professionalism. I've got enough on my plate, I don't need someone else's leftovers piled up onto it as well.

Anyway, I'll just shut up and go watch some TV or something.


ra said...

your last point..... you're going to find these types anywhere you work. i think there's a factory that churns out sub standard bipeds.

i always wanted a tattoo as a kid. my mom would have branded me for life. i stuck to have nothing till sometime last year, then i got two.

well at least none of your kids are named jabba the hutt.

hey TL dont let fucktards as mentioned in point 4 ruin your life. try turning the tables on them within school guidelines, thats always fun.

keep rockin!

Abel Undercity said...

I had a botany teacher in high school who would put a reading assignment on the board and then settle down to read the paper. Seriously, that was his class.

As for the tattoos, here's a scary thought: What if they *did* get their parents' permission? Anybody who'd name their kid "Aquanet", after all...

humble simpleton said...

RA? RA! Hello ra man, it's been a while. How is India in cricket this year?
And Teacherlady, your last posts from school are somehow depressed and angry, how about we counter that with a bit of Bollywood, and an ad?
Main person - blonde, goes with superlatives about the yogurt and crispy chocolate wheels, then the man appears:"Indeed, but saying that you just like it would be sufficient", then narrator blah blah, and in the end:"It's broken."

Olives said...

it sucks when a colleague turns worse than a student. but you love your job, thats why it gets to you TL.. maybe the school just started and they need to take sometime cracking their fingers to recall their job description. don't be mad at them jeeez

programmer craig said...

Good post! I just enrolled in a class at a local college for fun (supposedly!) and it's turned into one of the most frustrating and dehumanizing experiences in my whole life. I kinda wish i had a blog just so I could rant about college administrators and the stupid ass polices and procedures they implement. Short version:

If you work at a State run college and you have too many students trying to register, raise you effing standards instead of making the enrollment process so miserable that half your prospective students give up in disgust!