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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poor, Poor Fishies

The new science teacher I work with learned a horrific fact about his fish-tank heater the other day... It went into over-drive and rather than shutting itself off, it proceeded to cook his fish alive. The next morning, he showed up to find a tank of brown liquid and fall-off-the-bone tender fishies. Being an animal lover, I felt awful... Being a food lover, I kept thinking how much better they would have been over a grill with the perfect spices, a squeeze of lemon and some tartar sauce. I wasn't scheduled to go into his room that day and didn't entertain my curiosity by checking out the morbid scene of death.

Although one of my favorite teachers, CandyComrade has left the building for greener pastures, my guys friends and I still take the time out of our lunch to call her voicemail and squeeze Tainty, the screaming monkey over the phone at her. It's the little things like that that warm the heart.


kinzi said...

OOOwwww, Teacher Lady, yea, what a fate!!! You crack me up with the alternate ending those fishies could have had.

I killed my son's goldfish the same way. Ya lateef.

mab3oos said...

Ramadan kareem!

p.s. If you are not Muslim, happy September!

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

candy comrade teacher said...

Thanks for mentioning me!!! I miss you too...