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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What In the Name of All That is Good...?

What the FUCK is wrong with people? Not only did the hospital staff not give a shit about this poor woman writhing on the floor until she was dead an hour later, but the other people sitting nearby didn't do a damn thing to check on her either. If I were her family, I would track down everyone who saw her and did nothing and scream at them for what they did in front of their entire families, colleagues, and preferably the press too. And you can be damn sure I wouldn't blur out their shameless faces either. Bastards. (Article here)

I guess the ONLY reason I can possibly imagine that made people avoid helping her out was that it was a psychiatric hospital emergency room and perhaps the other patients were too mentally unstable to do anything or else thought she was unstable herself, but that doesn't excuse the staff from not recognizing her safety concerns.

If they are truly responsible, I hope they have nightmares about Esmin Green for the rest of their lives.


Hani Obaid said...

I'm terrified of getting sick. The one time in my life I was in an ambulance the EMT was shouting at me, then a doctor took and lost my prescription then claimed I had hidden it. He then gave me too large a dose of a pain killer, and sent me off (only to collapse on the metro), and end up in another ambulance back to the same doctor who I could swear seemed happy!

Luckily it was only the one time.

TeacherLady said...

Oh Hani, that's AWFUL... I am so sorry. I've not had much luck with doctors either, other than the midwife who delivered my daughter. She's great.
When I was 8 months pregnant, I got conjunctivitis and asked my GP if there was anything I could take while pregnant because I didn't want to take a contagious illness to work... I kept reminding her and pointing to my huge belly to make sure she didn't prescribe me something dangerous for the baby. I got home, used the drops then got a call from her saying not to use them. I could have smacked her.

Why the hell was the EMT shouting at you? And you must be a REALLY nice guy to not lose it with the doc, but then I guess you weren't in shape to do that anyway...

Hani Obaid said...

Lucky she called you back in time.

I had hurt my back, and I needed the ambulance to get me to the hospital so that I can get pain medication while I recover.

If I didn't lie down during the ambulance trip, the pain would be unbearable. The EMT kept shouting insisting that if i lie down it's going to hurt when I got up.

Anyway when I got up and it hurt, he gave me a smirk, and said, see I told you not to lie down. I can imagine what would have happened if they let this guy get his hands on a patient with a heart condition.

Julie Niesen said...

I think part of the problem, as noted in a couple of medical blogs I read, is a) overstaffing and b) the propensity for mental patients to hysterically throw themselves on the floor. This isn't an excuse, but that sort of behavior isn't exactly unique. That doesn't excuse them ignoring it, but I can see why, in a busy, urban hospital it might get ignored.

Julie Niesen said...


ah HA! the link I was looking for.

TeacherLady said...

Julie, thanks for sharing that well-thought out post (a new blog to follow, oh oh!), but I'm still of the opinion that had I seen a woman fall onto the floor and writhing, I would have checked up on her. I've checked up on total strangers who have exhibited less disturbing behavior before. If I had walked in and seen her after she had finished twitching, perhaps I would assume at that point that she was asleep, but not if I had actually seen her fall and seen her jerking around as others did.
If you enjoy medical blogs, you've got to check out the Other Amanzi, he's got such fascinating stories.