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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet the Jetsons

My TiVo (technically, it died and we had to get a Direct TV DVR which doesn't rock quite as hard as our old TiVo which still has a bunch of shows on it we're working our way through, but it's still in my heart)

My Roomba (which also technically died, but that's kinda my fault. Too many damn cats and dogs. I choked it to death). How cool is it that the manufacturing company is called irobot? Isaac would be proud. I may have to invest in their newer pet hair model... Hm...

My Sony e-Reader. I'm currently burning my way through Ken Follett's World Without End. I do love good old fashioned books, but this one thin portable object is currently holding hundreds of pieces of fine literature and is saving me on valuable shelf space, which I no longer have.

My new jacuzzi. It has LED lights that glow through a spectrum of colors. The jets are exciting too.

My Skype. Free web cam calls home? You betcha!

My D-Link 520. We stream downloaded movies, old time radio shows, podcasts, videocasts etc. to either our bedroom TV or our 65 inch TV in the living room.

My 65 inch TV in the living room.

My Litter Robot. It looks like a mini cement mixer, especially when the spherical chamber bit turns to drop all the lumpy bits of clumping litter into the tray below. I loved this thing until it started experiencing technical difficulties and loved it a little less when it freaked out my big fat cat who must fear getting stuck in it because he started pooing right in front of it in protest until we brought back the old fashioned kitty litters again. Bastard.

My MP3 Player. It's not an i-Pod. I'm not cool like that, but it's 30 gigs of greatness.

I'm still waiting for my flying car, or at least a Hoverboard (McFly?!)... Ah well. I'm appreciating every bit of luxury. Now if you'll excuse me, the jacuzzi is calling my name...

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Julie Niesen said...

*offers money and sexual favors for a litter robot*