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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Destination: Washington DC.

We're shoving off our caravan over to Washington DC next week and I want to know if anyone can suggest fantastic places we really should see/eat at...? I LOVE trying food everywhere I go, and it doesn't have to be Michelin star stuff... Street food in the right places can be heaven (God knows, that one guy back home could make the best shawarmas.)
I also can't wait to see the Jim Henson exhibit there! I'm seriously excited by the idea!


7aki Fadi said...

I went to DC for the first in Feb and LOVED IT! Did you know that EVERYTHING there is free??? all the museums. AND the zoo is free!!! FREE. OK I got that out of my system. HAHAHA . Just make sure you go to the zoo and see their Panda. And all the museums and memorials. LOVED IT.

As for food, well you live in the US so I guess they are all the same, the cheese factory, some Mexican restaurants like chipotle and what not. We don't have them in Canada so I was excited to go there. Food is good in DC. Didn't have a bad meal there :) .


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Please share the great shawarma place back home!

Julie said...

Jaleo for Tapas, Afterwords in Dupont circle for cheap-ish, amazing food that is pretty and surrounded by books. What more can you ask for?

Anonymous said...

What to do:

Many museums. So which ones are cool?
For just plain cool stuff the Spy Museum is the
big winner. It is also the only museum you
have to pay to get in to.
Next it depends on what you like:
Techies and Air-nuts go to the Air and
Space Museum. (it has a IMAX if you get bored)
If you want to see dinos and diamonds then
head to the Natural History Musuem.
The Museum of American History is closed
until the fall, so forget that one.
If you are feeling artsy the National Gallery
of Art is good.

Off beat site:
The Exorcist Steps
At the lower end of M street, near the gas
station opposite the Key Bridge are the famous
steps from the first Exorcist movie.
Nice pic here:

Here is what you want to eat:

High End:

One of the best places to eat in the entrie US.
Dont think about price.

American steakhouse with a french twist.

Best seafood hands down.

Family Dining:

Dont miss this. Doesnt look like much from
the outside, but the food is great.
Best dishes are the Peking Duck and
Szechuan Beef Proper (you have to say proper).
Also, stick to Chef's Specials side of the menu.

Best fajitas in DC. Stay away from refried beans,
made with tons of lard. Better as a lunch spot,
dinner time can be noisy.

Decent italian food served family style.

You know the drill: huge menu, huge portions,
and a huge queue if you go on a weekend.

Very good turkish food cafe style.
All the essentials are there: mezze, doner, and
Iskender. (and they have ayran if you have a
craving for watered down laban).

(if you still need more food info go to
www.washingtonian.com and you will find
everything you need or just pick up a zagat

PHSChemGuy said...

Let me recommend two statues - particularly child friendly, both, and very cool for adults...

The Einstein Memorial is right across from the Vietnam Vets Memorial but is surrounded by trees hence very secluded and rarely seen by most folks.

The second place is National Harbor. It's pretty much a shopping and eating place a few miles away, but it's well worth going there since they've moved the Awakening there last year.

TeacherLady said...

7aki fadi, I know, that totally rocks! I'm always down with free stuff. I do rather like Chipotle, and was excited to hear that the ones around here, at least, are going to start using local produce. Love that idea.

CairoGal, I would share the shawarma place, but the last time I was back home, they had demolished and rebuilt that whole area... It was hard to tell where it once was, but I think it's where Chili's is now. They got rid of most of the shawarma stands on the street, anyway. No more sweaty guys dripping into your sandwiches anymore, where's the fun in that?
Should you still be there the next time I visit, we'll find someplace to have a decent shawarma I'm sure of it.

Julie, thanks! I just saw a review of Jaleo somewhere, looks great. Food AND books? All I'd need is a bed and a TV and I'd be set for life.

Anon, you rock. Thanks so much for your list, though I doubt they offer high chairs in Citronelle! We won't have a baby sitter, so I'll have to give that a miss for now, as sad as that makes me. I've recently grown rather fond of exploring gourmet cuisine, but it's not easy to do with a toddler and no regular babysitter! However, I'm definitely keen on trying Kinkead's...

PHSChemguy, shopping and eating sounds fine by me. My munchkin would love to see the sculpture, I'm sure of it, so that will be on our list of things to do.

Gila said...

Hey! My home town!

Sounds like others covered the museums and the zoo. Adam's Morgan has lots of great restaurants and is quirky to boot (Ethiopian food-YUM!). Pizzaria Uno is not too far from the zoo and has great, decadent pizza and onion rings.

Give me an idea of what type of food you like, and I will give a shout out to my friends for kid-friendly places.