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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Andrea Bocelli on Sesame Street


Chris said...

Some more good ones for you.

James Earl Jones

Philip Glass

Ralph Nader

And of course, Richard Pryor

TeacherLady said...

You guys just rock sharing the good stuff like that... I remember seeing James Earl Jones simply recite the alphabet and seem so utterly cool doing something as basic as that! I could listen to a recording of his reading the nutrition information on cereal boxes and enjoy it! I can't wait to go through and watch all the links you guys shared with me.

Chris said...

You guys? Hey, don't go passing off credit to other people when it was all ME! ME! MEEEEE!

TeacherLady said...

Okay, Chris, but PHSChemguy also shared a list of links... And his was longer... :) It's the thought that counts. Thanks again!

humble simpleton said...

Finally! Finally after three days I am thru Chemguy's list. Hell, how long were You putting it together? Although I didn't know most of the people, I enjoyed it, and I learnt a lot. I can spell the alphabet now! And count to twenty. So far I could muster ten in my brightest moments.
I too must add some. Maybe you know, there is something about John Denver I love.
Also, a long time ago teacherlady came out with a test that tells what muppet you are, me was Rowlf the dog. Thank you Chemguy, loved Johnny Cash, loved José Feliciano, loved Los Lobos, and from now on also love Trisha Yearwood.