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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mother Watches Her Son Lose His Virginity

Yes, here it is folks, the trashy side of TeacherLady, up front (or full frontal) and I'm not the least bit ashamed of it!
I've taken to reading British trasy "true story" magazines and was delighted to find some for free online from Pick Me Up magazine.
Here's one of the trashiest stories I could find... A mother's virgin 26 year old son agrees to be on some reality TV show where they train him to pick up chicks. They end up sending him to Amsterdam and film his losing his virginity. Apparently the camera work was more like an edited soft-core porno where they don't show actual intercourse taking place, but all the same... SHE WATCHED IT. AND SO DID HER 76 YEAR OLD MUM.
I don't know who's the bigger freak... Him for letting the world see him pay for sex or the women for being interested in watching that!
If my mother showed the slightest bit of interest in watching a film of my having sex, I'd send her to therapy. I love my mum. She's not creepy like that.


Maher said...

Ewww Ewww Ewww!!
This is soooo creeeeeppyyy!! :s

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh dear, truly disturbing.

humble simpleton said...

No no no, I'm not gonna read that. It's another mean trap. Like the camel toe.

Anonymous said...

This tv show is called virgin school

Kurt said...

I saw basically the same thing on an HBO documentary. A woman brought her virgin son to a brothel in Nevada and sat there discussing prices and whether or not he would be able to "eat pussy" with his new tongue piercing, while her son and the hooker cavorted on the bed.

Qu.ing said...

what do they think off? seriously

TeacherLady said...

I think it may be pushing the line a bit to buy your best friend sex in Nevada, but your kid...? Ew. If I heard my mum talking about eating pussy I'd have to claw my ear drums out with a spork.