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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Five Years Being His Ball and Chain

Today is our anniversary, so I'm going to go get my favorite damn crab cakes in the area. You know it's good when there are larger lumps of juicy, sweet crab meat in amidst all the more shredded bits. At least then you know you're not eating a big slab of plankton, or something. They also have a goat cheese appetizer we adore... Larger pieces of the cheese are melted on top of marinara sauce and served with pieces of pita bread to scoop it all up with. We've made it at home, and while not as good, it was still tasty fun.

We've been in love far longer than the mere five years we're officially supposed to be celebrating, so we tend to commemorate the anniversary of our first meeting in person too (although I have also committed to memory the date we met online as well, and I'm usually shit with dates). We met in person on the 4th of July many years ago and there may have been fireworks in the sky, but all I remember were the warm raindrops that soaked our hugs and our own fireworks show, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, ifyaknowwhatahmean, saynomore!

I love my man. Who else would put up with my weirdness?


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Happy Anniversary!

'liya said...

Congrats on the 5 years :D

7aki Fadi said...


TeacherLady said...

Thank you all very much! The food was lovely and the company even lovlier.

humble simpleton said...

What is it? Just a few weeks ago you celebrated your last anniversary, and here we go again? Shenanigans! Or, is the time really flying that fast? Well then, happy year turning.
annus - year(sensitive to spelling mistakes, double 'n' needed)
vertere - to turn.
What would 'Happy Aniversary' mean?
And hey, why that devaluation? Many men would thank heavens for a woman that weird. You're caring, open, funny etc.etc. and still you think you're his chain. The idea with the Red Dwarf site was brilliant, I must say.

TeacherLady said...

HAha! Yes, Humble, I was just saying that to my husband over our dinner... That it will have been a year that you have been reading my blog. You've been my most faithful reader! Thank you.
Is that weird that I talked about strangers over my anniversary dinner? And I say "stranger" in the most affectionate of ways.
Hm. That reminds me. I really should get around to finishing the Red Dwarf series. I never watched the last season...
Thanks for the kind words and flattery, Humble. You're a sweetie.

humble simpleton said...

Actually, my first comment is here, so it is one and half year soon.
And by the way, I'm making the same devaluation mistake. A long time ago I wanted to comment something at Sandmonkey's and I picked 'humble simpleton'. While 'humble' is questionable, 'simpleton' is just not true. It has something to do with my understanding of the word. I quite liked it cause my interpretation was it is somebody who is using plain simple common sense, but then I learned it is used rather pejorative. Any suggestions for my identity change?
Now turn off the goddamn computer and proceed to the TV. Somebody who has never seen 'Back in the red' and 'Pete' just can't claim to be a Red Dwarf fan.